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Please join us for an exclusive evening of inspiration and creativity as Eleanor and Julien share their journey of bringing their vision to life. Through their passion and hard work, they transformed an idea into a stunning reality, and they will share their insights, tips, and tricks for anyone looking to pursue their own creative projects.


A conversation based on the "En Voyage with Claude Monet" Immersive exhibition at West Kowloon (27/10/22 to 26/02/23), diving into the uniqueness of Claude Monet's works, and his key contribution to the history of art. The event would make use of some of the immersive contents of the show to offer members an entertaining learning moment.

More information about En Voyage with Claude Monet

An Echelon's article about Eleanor and Julien's work on this project

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  • Eleanor Chan (Co-founder of Chill Ho Yeah)

    Eleanor Chan

    Co-founder of Chill Ho Yeah

    Eleanor Chan is the founder of Encyclo Media since 2004 and Gallery Article in 2010. An experienced and visionary art dealer , exhibition consultant. Since 2015, she has been a contributor to HK Magazine, Timeout, Baccarat and the likes of Echelon. Eleanor is a true connoisseur of the arts. Her passion for bringing the beauty of the world to life through art has led her on an incredible journey of creativity and inspiration.

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  • Julien-Loïc Garin (Art and Culture Director of En Voyage with  Claude Monet)

    Julien-Loïc Garin

    Art and Culture Director of En Voyage with Claude Monet

    Julien-Loïc Garin has been working in the arts and culture industry for over 15 years, previously heading the arts and culture festival Le French May. Since 2019 he is running is own consultancy, Le Cercle, working closely with institutions, museums and brands on developing long term collaborations and partnerships between Europe, Hong Kong and the Mainland of China.

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